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fabric care

Wool and Silk Shampoo / Liquid Detergent
5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
A very gentle "shampoo" especially designed for washing sheepskins, wool wraps and all woollen or silk clothing. Natural fibres require special care. This natural detergent contains natural soaps from coconut oil, lactic acid from milk and natural lanolin.
  • suitable for machine and hand washing
  • keeps your fine fabrics softer
  • prolongs their life - protects and replenishes their natural oils
  • good value - only two dessert spoonfuls needed per wash!
Soap for Machine Washing Woollens with Pure Organic Lanolin
A wool shampoo specially designed for machine washing wool containing lanolin to replace lost natural oils which keep woollens soft and water resistant.
  • with organic lanolin
  • based on renewable vegetable raw ingredients - see 'more' tab above
  • bio-degradable and non-toxic
A naturally kind yet powerful detergent! ...
Soap For Hand Washing Woollens with Pure Organic Lanolin
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
A hand wash wool shampoo containing organic lanolin which replaces lost oils and keeps your woollens soft and water resistant.
  • with organic lanolin
  • based on renewable vegetable raw materials
  • bio-degradable and non-toxic
Naturally gentle yet powerful! ...
Wool and Silk Cure / Conditioner
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
This 250ml lanolin-based conditioner keeps your wool and silk clothes in good condition, nourishing their natural fibres and extending their life. Great for waterproofing nappy wraps and wool longies.
  • naturally replenishes natural oils of wool and silk clothes
  • longer lasting clothes - it helps prevent felting and dryness
  • concentrated - excellent value for money!
  • totally biodegradable and safe next to the skin - hurrah!
Gentle Detergent for Delicates with Soapwort Extract (1L)
This is the ideal organic and biodegradable liquid detergent for washing your delicates as it's kind to your clothes and the environment.
  • contains a gentle soap made from the herb Soapwort from France
  • kind to natural fibres - free of chemical additives incl. phosphates, enzymes & optical brighteners
  • perfume and dye free - maintains your clothes' natural integrity
  • suitable for vegans - recognised by the Vegan Society
  • skin friendly
This detergent also contains naturally sourced organic dextrorotatory lactic acid which helps prevent calcium deposits, providing a skin-friendly pH-value. ...
Liquid Gall Soap - Natural Stain Remover 250ml
5 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
Liquid gall soap is a natural, traditional stain remover, particulary useful for stubborn or oily stains on natural fibres. It is safe to use on wool clothing, which is great, and this good quality ecological gall soap is made entirely from renewable and biodegradable ingredients.
Please note that gall soap is not suitable for vegetarians and it is not odourless. This 250ml bottle of concentrated gall soap comes from bovine gall from animals reared in a kind and natural manner.
Use to remove all sorts of stains including:
  • pen, ink, paint,
  • blood and other protein stains,
  • wine, fruit, grass
  • oil, grease and candle wax
Naturally removes stains! ...
Natural Citrus-Scented Gall-Soap Stain Removing Bar
4.5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
A natural stain-removing laundry soap for use with all textiles. With a lovely natural citrus scent.
  • 70% pure soap made with real ox bile
  • 100g
  • no surfactants, bleach or brightening agents but a natural citrus scent
De-Bobbling Sweater Stone
The sweater stone is for de-bobbling your wool, alpaca and cashmere clothing helping to keep them as good as new.
  • a natural pumice like stone
  • effective and environmentally friendly
  • made in the USA
Citrus Stain Removing Bar
A natural stain removing bar for use on all types of fabric.
  • made from natural ingredients with 1% organic essential lemon oil
  • suitable for vegans
  • 230g and made in Germany

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