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Established in 1898, Haflinger use natural materials to make healthy, comfortable, long-lasting slippers to ensure well-being for the feet! Natural boiled wool is warm, light and breathable and naturally anti-bacterial, creating an optimum environment for the foot. All Haflinger's slippers are designed to allow for freedom of movement, for the foot to expand and contract as necessary, and to keep the foot healthy and supple.

We truly believe that these are the best slippers out there. With a natural latex sole to last longer, infused into the wool at the base, or a rubber sole for occasional outdoor use, Haflinger's designs ensure a gentle but secure fit whether these slippers are for your baby, child or for the well-being of your very own feet...

EU 23 to 36
The ideal slippers to keep for warm, comfortable feet and a cheerful feeling on a cold and rainy Autumn or Winter day. Its rubber sole even allows excursions outdoors...
  • 100% wool slippers with a rubber sole
  • boot style with a cuff for extra warmth
  • with a white cloud on the heel
  • and on the foot a cute red, yellow and green umbrella and the odd sequin drops of rain
EU 16 to 22
4.6 of 5 Stars! from 10 Reviews
These first baby shoes are made from all natural materials and will protect your baby's feet whilst keeping them warm and comfortable. They fit gently and snuggly in the same way as leather baby shoes and have the added benefits of the insulation, breathability, water resistance and softness of boiled wool.
  • non-slip soft leather sole
  • 100% boiled wool fabric is flexible, warm and soft
  • these shoes will stay on - and keep socks on too
EU 23 to 33
5 of 5 Stars! from 7 Reviews
These t-bar slippers are designed to fit comfortably, with an elastic strap across the top of the foot to fit all foot shapes (even high instep) and to flex as the foot bends. The natural boiled wool is warm and breathable, helping to keep the skin dry and your children's feet at a comfortable temperature.
  • comfortable, "lighter" slipper for year-round use
  • made of boiled wool - the best fabric for healthy, comfortable feet
  • natural latex-infused sole for grip and water resistance
EU 22 to 35
4.87 of 5 Stars! from 15 Reviews
These amazing boiled wool children's slippers by Haflinger are made from natural boiled wool throughout, with a non-slip sole where the wool is infused with natural latex. Boiled wool is sturdy yet flexible where necessary, allowing the foot to expand and contract in comfort, and is warm, light and breathable too.
Wool is naturally anti-bacterial, dirt-resistant and breathable, which makes these Haflinger wool slippers the best indoor footwear. Feet stay healthy, warm and comfortable all day long.
  • cuffs at the top provide a gentle but secure fit
  • breathable boiled wool keeps fit warm and healthy
  • natural latex sole provides grip and ensures they last
EU 37 to 43
5 of 5 Stars! from 6 Reviews
A very practical and comfortable slip-on slip-off design, made of quality felted wool and a sensible rubber sole - these clog style slippers are simply perfect all year round.
  • with quality felted wool with durable rubber sole
  • comfortable and practical all year round
  • comes in truly beautiful colours
EU 37 to 43
5 of 5 Stars! from 5 Reviews
The classic felt clog with an updated twist...
  • fully moulded rubber sole for practicality (you can pop outdoors)
  • pure felted wool for warmth, breathability and healthy feet
  • snug, one-piece upper for comfort
EU 36 to 46
5 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
These adult slippers are great across seasons, you'll find yourself wearing them in the garden too. Nick here even wears them out (shh, don't tell anyone!). Made by wool slipper specialists Haflinger.
  • handy slip-on slippers
  • beautiful felted wool to let your feet breathe
  • cork and latex sole for strength, comfort and durability
EU 23 to 33
5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
All the benefits of boiled wool slippers plus a flexible rubber sole - just in case they get worn in the garden by accident...
  • cuffs at the top provide a gentle but secure fit
  • breathable boiled wool keeps feet warm and healthy
  • flexible rubber sole is hard wearing and waterproof
EU 37 to 46
5 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
Exceedingly delicious sheepskin clogs. Pure comfort for your feet in entirely natural fibres - healthy, breathable, warm and cosy sheepskin.
  • ideal for indoor or outdoor wear
  • Haflinger's unique cork/latex blend comfortable sole
  • wool felt insole for warmth and stability
EU 23 to 31
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
Pretty and incredibly comfortable boot-style slippers in soft boiled wool. The boiled wool is perfect to keep little feet warm yet breathing whilst the rubber soles insulates from the cold floor (they also allow sneaky trips to the garden!).
  • boot-style slippers with a cuff to keep ankles warm
  • soft, breathable boiled wool
  • splendid orange colour and pretty bird and heart stitching
EU 23 to 33
4.67 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
These lovely children's slippers in breathable boiled wool are great because they easily slip on but the elasticated band at the top means they don't easily slip off.
  • breathable boiled wool for healthy feet
  • a useful elasticated band makes the slippers stay on
  • a flexible rubber sole - hard wearing and waterproof
EU 37 to 43
5 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
This ballerina style ladies' slippers are made in natural boiled wool with a non-slip sole where the wool is infused with natural latex grip. There is an elastic on top of the foot, stitched into the wool in a pretty pattern to keep the slippers on.
  • boiled wool - naturally dirt-resistant and anti-bacteria
  • flexible non-slip sole made of wool infused with natural latex grip
  • ballerina style secured with a delicate elastic on top of the foot

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