Vegetable-tanned Baby-safe Sheepskin For Carseat and Stroller

  • Vegetable-tanned Baby-safe Sheepskin For Carseat and Stroller
  • Vegetable-tanned Baby-safe Sheepskin For Carseat and Stroller
  • Vegetable-tanned Baby-safe Sheepskin For Carseat and Stroller

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Vegetable-tanned Baby-safe Sheepskin For Carseat and Stroller

by Good Natured Sheepskins

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Our vegetable-tanned sheepskin carseat and stroller inlays are the most natural liners available. Tanned using traditional vegetable tannins from the chestnut tree and from black wattle bark, these sheepskins are a creamy white, soft, and very supple.
  • soft, safe comfort for your baby in the pram, buggy and carseat
  • Oeko-Tex certified - free from chemical residue
  • 8 pre-cut slits to fit all harnesses and for optimum adjustability
Warmer in winter and less sticky in summer - natural comfort for your baby when travelling!
P.S.: A £5.00 Gift Voucher is also included with all our sheepskins.

Why use a sheepskin liner?
A sheepskin liner for your pram, buggy or carseat not only provides gentle cushioning for your baby but helps regulate your baby's body temperature. This keeps your baby more comfortable and because it absorbs sweat and releases it into the atmosphere, it keeps your baby's skin healthy and their body more relaxed.

From personal experience, we recommend sheepskin liners wholeheartedly! In the winter they give extra warmth and in the summer reduce sweatiness. Even now, our 6-year-old child complains in summer if we haven't put a liner on her carseat, as she gets too sticky! Your baby can't tell you if he or she prefers it, but we're pretty sure that this is what he or she would want.

Benefits of vegetable tanning
Using vegetable-tanned leather removes many kinds of environmental pollution from the tanning process and is more sustainable. Vegetable tanning is a traditional craft, documented in Egyptian times and very likely used around the world for many thousands of years. Although none of the sheepskins selected by Cambridge Baby are polluting, in buying vegetable tanned sheepskins you are supporting traditional craft and the most sustainable and natural tanning method.

Use as bedding
Studies have shown that pre-term and low birthweight babies grow faster and are more contented when lying on lambswool, and older babies also cry less and sleep more! Even for adults, studies repeatedly show that we get a better night's rest if we use a woollen underblanket and if polyester-filled duvets are replaced by woollen blankets (!) due to its ability to regulate the micro-climate around our beds.

We would like to point out that it is recommended that babies do not sleep on a soft/squidgy surface for the first year. On the other hand, it used to be recommended that premature babies slept on sheepskins and they are used worldwide for sleeping on. Please come to your own conclusions!

You may like to put a sheet or muslin over the sheepskin if using it as bedding. You probably already know that babies should be placed on their backs to sleep unless there is a medical reason not to do so. Be aware that a sheepskin may be more insulating than your baby's hard mattress - do check your baby's temperature and adjust their nightwear accordingly.

Benefits of Sheepskins
Sheepskins can be used throughout the year as wool is a natural insulator, keeping temperatures stable. It's also breathable, wicking moisture away from the skin and keeping bodies comfortable. Because of this, sheepskins are warm in winter and cool in summer, and always provide a comforting and supportive surface for your baby to sit or play.

Since biblical times, mothers have wrapped their babies in wool to keep them warm and dry. It's naturally comforting. Lambswool is perfect for this task as it resists wet and dirt and is thick and luxurious while remaining light and flexible. You can learn more about the wonderful properties of wool from our information pages - click here.

Our family and sheepskins...
You can probably tell that we are quite "pro" sheepskins! We have found them very very useful indeed, reducing stickiness in prams, strollers and carseats in hot weather, and keeping them warm and cosy in cold weather.

Both our daughters sleep on sheepskins and Connie has from birth. Connie began sleeping through the night from an early ages and consistently from about 3 and a half months. Eleanor woke only once until she was around 10 months, then she slept through. I honestly believe that sleeping on sheepskins coupled with the use of Disana and Engel Merino wool sleeping bags creates the best sleeping environment for babies - safe, supportive, breathable, comfortable, sleep-inducing.

Finally, when your child is older, sheepskins are great for using in indoor and outdoor dens and in the tent when camping, as well as for general play.

This is a Good Natured Sheepskin, ethically made in Germany.


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