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Fireman Sun Hat (UV)

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Fireman Sun Hat (UV)
Price: £18.99

A brilliant design with a broad brim, straps under the chin, and great neck protection too. Our best-selling sunhat - read on for why!
  • 100% organic cotton
  • broad all-round brim (longer at the neck) - excellent sun protection for face, eyes, ears and back of the neck
  • ties on all sizes for tip-top stay-on-ability (though you can cut them off if you prefer)
  • a gently stretchy stripy band in knitted organic cotton around the head - fits well and is comfy
  • a very high natural certified UV protection too
  • colours from left to right: turquoise, purple, orange, slate green, olive, pink, navy, red, blue
  • All colours UV 80 unless stated otherwise
This really is the UV sunhat parents can't get enough of - we hope we've bought enough this season! (checkout the reviews...) ... more info

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