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baby vests

Fine NZ Merino Wool Baby Top for Premature Babies
Studies have shown that wool helps babies relax, sleep and, because it helps babies maintain a stable body temperature, it can also help premature babies gain weight. New Zealand Merino wool is one of the finest and softest wools, so gentle on the most sensitive skins.
  • naturally stretchy knit for easy dressing over little arms and bodies
  • 100% pure New Zealand Merino wool
  • made in New Zealand
Fine Merino Vest, Long-sleeved, Env. Neck
3 to 24m
4.4 of 5 Stars! from 5 Reviews
With all the properties of soft Merino wool, but without the poppers between the legs! A practical underlayer for potty training or for when you want it to go over trousers.
  • 100% warm and breathable organic Merino wool
  • envelope neck - makes dressing easy and painless!
  • long sleeves
Fine Organic Merino Wool Long-Sleeved Vest with Envelope Neck
3 to 24m
A soft and cosy baby vest in pure Merino wool. Helping your baby stay comfortable throughout changing temperatures, Merino wool works hard to look after the body. And organic wool is natural and chemical-free for optimal well-being.
  • envelope-neck for easy changing
  • 100% fine organic Merino wool
  • machine-washable on a 30C wool wash.
Wool/Silk Baby Vest Top, Envelope Neck
3 to 24m
4.5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
The benefits of both soft Merino wool and luxurious silk next to the skin, without the poppers! A practical underlayer for potty training or for going over trousers.
  • 70% organic Merino wool, 30% pure silk
  • envelope neck to make dressing easy and painless!
  • can be used as a top as well as a vest
All-Silk Vest Top with Envelope Neck
0 to 24m
A gentle baby long-sleeved vest in 100% organic bourette silk. Features an envelope-neck to make dressing and undressing a pleasant experience. Bourette silk has a natural, earthy, slightly knobbly texture in contrast to filament silk. This gives it good warmth for its very light weight and it is still soft on the skin.
  • 100% organic bourette silk
  • envelope-neck for easy dressing
  • long-sleeved to protect your baby's arms
Long-Sleeved Baby Vest Top in Organic Filament Silk
0 to 24m
5 of 5 Stars! from 4 Reviews
The smoothest, softest vest that your baby can wear next the skin. This filament silk is made to the highest quality and to the highest organic specifications. You can feel its fineness and quality and we hope you can tell from the close-up photo too.
  • an envelope neck that make dressing easy
  • 100% soft, smooth organic bio-dynamic filament silk
  • a natural, chemical-free fabric
2-Pack Baby Vest Top in Organic Filament Silk
0 to 24m
£50.00 £42.00
5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
We think this is the smoothest, softest vest that your baby can wear due to the extremely high quality of the silk used. You can feel its fineness and quality. Use as a vest or as a top - perfect for layering throughout the year.
  • 100% soft, very high quality filament silk
  • envelope neck for easy dressing
  • no chemical or processing residue for an entirely natural product

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