Beautifully designed practical and ethically produced clothing for babies, children and adults in organic thermally regulating natural fibers. wool, alpaca, merino wool and silk.

who we are

We had been struggling to write an "about us" section for a long time, when out of the blue a friend sent this to us. It's much better than anything we could have done! Here you are, with many thanks to Dagmar.

Let me introduce these guys.

It all began when Helen realised what a great material wool is for babies' clothing. It doesn't absorb liquids like cotton does, so Baby does not get wet each time something unforseen happens, and Mummy or Daddy doesn't have to go and change Baby all the time. And also it's cuddly and warm. And that's how we like to keep the little ones!

Helen being Helen, having discovered all these beautiful things, and being aware of how difficult it was to get hold of them in the UK, she started a business - Cambridge Baby.

They ran it from their loft in their house until it almost burst. Nick being Nick, he built a lovely wooden shed using as much reclaimed wood as possible at the bottom of their garden, just behind the cherry tree. This now houses all their wonderful products as well as desks, packing materials and toys for the children.

And with their children at their feet, and friends helping out, they pack the parcels, answer emails (they can be a bit slow at this - do hassle them) which Nick then takes to the local post office on his bicycle (it is Cambridge, after all).

Once or twice a year, Helen goes over to Germany to find out more about natural clothing on the market and to discover new gorgeous things. She then stays with me, and that's great. Helen and Nick also go to fairs and exhibitions around the UK to make sure they are selecting the best clothing out there. All their woollen clothing suppliers are enthusiastic, family-run businesses who design and produce in a single location. All their organic cotton suppliers are actively trying to make the world a better place.

I love the idea of buying "slow clothes" - clothes that have been produced ethically and traded fairly, and as both my children have loved wearing Cambridge Baby's clothing, I heartily recommend them to you.

Dagmar Toews, Karlsruhe, Germany.

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