Merino wool helps the body regulate its temperature:
perfect for Spring's changeable weather

In Spring, merino vests/long sleeved wool tops, wool jumpers, and leggings are brilliant. Why? Because air is the lightest insulator and wool naturally traps air in its soft fibres, especially very crimped fibres like Merino wool. So even on chilly days you feel warm without feeling too bundled up. Better still, merino wool's ability to wick moisture away from the skin means that it responds dynamically to changing temperature. So when the sun does come out you won't get too hot.
Our new merino wool and alpaca layers for your family will keep children and babies - and you yourself - comfortable, whatever the weather!
Merino wool's excellent thermo-regulating, antibacterial properties and superfine structure make it the perfect base layer next to the skin day and night. In addition, merino wool's water and dirt resistant powers make it great for outer-layers too.
All our range is really good clothing - clothes that are wonderful for the skin and body, clothes that are sustainably produced in healthy, natural and organic fabrics, clothes that are carefully made with everyone treated well throughout.
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