Disana\'s Amazing Boiled Wool Overalls / Snugglesuit

Disana's Amazing Boiled Wool Overalls / Snugglesuit


The best, most amazing winter overall.

"These are fantastic, amazing, wonderful, beautifully made suits. I cannot praise them enough. My daughter is now wearing the largest size after borrowing a tiny one from a friend and buying one of the in-between sizes ourselves. The borrowed one is now on baby number three and still going strong, by the way. They are made to last, they are generous enough in their sizing to fit a whole winter and beyond without being bulky. They are perfect for babywearing as they don't turn your baby into a Michelin Man. The wool means that baby can't overheat as it is temperature regulating. At the same time, it is windproof, and water repellent, and dirt resistant. I just WISH Disana would make them in larger sizes and bring back the gorgeous plum coloyur!"

This was washed... had to be careful

This was worn by... My daughter and is now on loan to a friend

I'd recommend this to a friend.

Jennifer Brown, YORK 11/02/2015

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