Double-Layer Wool Sleeping Bag With Arms

Double-Layer Wool Sleeping Bag With Arms


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"I bought this last winter hoping for a super warm sleeping bag which would cope with the nursery dropping to 14/15 degrees overnight, without baby overheating at 7pm when it was still 18/19 degrees. It was certainly very good at stopping baby overheating compared to standard polyester bags, and it feels lovely and cosy. The arms are quite tight which made it hard to roll them up (I had bought 6/12 month for a 5 month old). It is hard to be certain with a baby who still wakes in the night sometimes anyway, but I wasn't 100% sure that it was keeping her warm at the lower end of those temperatures, even with cotton vest/babygro/wooly tights underneath. I'd love to see a tog rating or similar to understand what temperatures this is intended to be used at. This winter I think we'll stick to the highstreet 3.5 tog which sadly does seem to be warmer."

This was washed... Bobbles a bit but otherwise fine

This was worn by... baby girl

Sizing: A little generous

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

Susanna H, OXFORD 07/09/2018

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