Knitted Organic Merino Wool Trousers

Knitted Organic Merino Wool Trousers


"These are the equivalent of the adult leggings worn with everything. they are easy to put on, cosy enough for winter warmth yet perfect for crisp autumn or spring day too. The sizing is great as we bought these when baby was very new and she wore them through the spring over her big cloth nappies. Yet now that autumn is here, she's back in them again, looking snug as ever.
Care is relatively easy as we have a separate bucket for wool items that need a special, low temperature wash with wool shampoo.
Have given 4 rather than 5 stars as the design is simple and casual (rather than particularly stylish) however, I highly recommended them for everyday casual wear."

This was washed... had to be careful

This was worn by... our gorgeous 8 month baby girl since newborn

I'd recommend this to a friend.

Rachel Lalchan, LONDON 02/10/2014

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