Organic Merino Wool Trousers or Leggings by Disana

Organic Merino Wool Trousers or Leggings by Disana


"These are fantastic. Note they are very generously sized, esp around the waist for those with slender kids. We had to buy a second pair to go down a size. My son prefers to wear shorts year-round, so our compromise is he wears wool leggings underneath. We're not wedded to one brand, he wears wool leggings by most of the manufacturers sold by Cambridge Baby plus Smalls and P.O.P. These are considerably thicker than the others, and we wouldn't layer them under trousers/jeans/school uniform like we do those.

Wool is just fantastic -- on the first outing for these leggings, he had a (rare these days) massive wee accident. I hung them up to dry out, intending to launder them the next day. But when they dried, no smell. They've since been worn quite a few times, and aired out after. Not had to wash yet!"

This was washed... not needed washing yet

This was worn by... a very active 5-year old boy

Sizing: A little generous

I'd recommend this to a friend.

M.F. 07/03/2020

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