Felted Wool Aplix Nappy Wrap

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Felted Wool Aplix Nappy Wrap

by Disana

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A natural way to keep your baby's real nappy/diaper in place. Soft and breathable to ensure that your baby's skin stays dry. Made by Disana, a leader in natural clothing for babies and children.
  • 100% IVN certified organic wool
  • soft felted wool with knitted wool seams
  • velcro fastening for easy changing
Note: sizing recommendations have been adjusted for a better fit following lanolising. See sizing tab for details.
Find out how to use the Disana nappy system on our Nappy Instructions blog post.

Lanolising your nappy wraps
This nappy wrap will need proofing with lanolin to improve its water resistance, and around once a month thereafter.

Here is how to lanolise you nappy wraps:
Dilute 4 dessert-spoonfuls of wool cure in about a cup of very hot water. Pour into a bowl and dilute with cooler water until luke-warm (this is called a lanolin bath). Add your woollens and squeeze through. Remove and use a towel to remove excess water, and re-shape. Dry away from direct heat. The lanolin will coat the fibres, improving water proofing.

We recommend doing this three times before use to create a great "barrier" but, to be honest, most people don't. You will need to repeat about once a month.

You can also try lanolising pyjamas and sleeping bags to continue the night-time nappy breathing process, and you can lanolise wool baby-bodies and then close them over the wrap (just like with a disposable nappy) to help keep everything in place. Brilliant!

Sizing This nappy wrap will need proofing with lanolin to improve it's water resistance. Please see the 'more' tab for the lanolising procedure. This treatment will cause the nappy wrap to reduce in size slightly. For this reason we hope you will understand that we have re-sized these, due to customer feedback.

Please see below for Disana's recommended sizing alongside our recommended sizing.

62/68 is Disana's 3-6m but Cambridge Baby's 0-4m
74/80 is Disana's 6-12m but Cambridge Baby's 4-10m
86-92 is Disana's 12-24m but Cambridge Baby's 9-18m
98/104 is Disana's 2-3 yrs but Cambridge Baby's 12-24m+
3-6m (62/68cm) (£19.00)
6-12m (74/80cm) (£20.00)
1-2yrs (86/92cm) (£21.00)
2-3yrs (98/104cm) (£22.00)

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