Pure Wool Felt Innersoles

Starting at: £6.00

Pure Wool Felt Innersoles

by Lindjan

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Wool innersoles give a better fit to your shoes through cushioning and supporting the sole of your foot and provide extra warmth too. Another benefit is that the pure, felted wool is very breathable and healthy for your skin. Great for wellies or our beautiful undyed slippers, of course. They're a hidden treat for your feet!
  • 100% pure non-bleached, non-coloured pure wool felt
  • use for extra comfort and warmth and for improved fit
  • Please size up by TWO shoe sizes, or THREE for a more generous fitting boot and trim the innersole down to your perfect shape
Sizing If you are buying these to go in our undyed leather slippers, then buy the same size innersoles and slippers for a perfect fit.

If you are buying them for your shoes or wellies then I would suggest buying TWO/THREE sizes bigger than your shoe size, as shoes are more generous.

You can cut to reshape these inner soles with scissors if you need to.
EU 27-28 (UK 9-10) (£6.00)
EU 29-30 (UK 11-12) (£6.00)
EU 31-32 (UK 12-13) (£6.00)
EU 33-34 (UK 1-2 big sizes) (£6.00)
EU 35-36 (UK 3) (£6.72)
EU 37 (UK 4) (£6.72)
EU 38 (UK 5) (£6.72)
EU 39 (UK 6) (£7.20)

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