Boiled Wool Booties by Disana

Boiled Wool Booties by Disana


"These booties are lovely and snug and the velcro fastening was very secure, which meant they didn't keep falling off, which is always a bonus. Sadly they developed holes at the back on the heels very quickly however, just from my baby lying on his back on the floor / in his rocker and kicking his legs. I stitched on a bit of reinforcement myself so they lasted a bit longer, but I think the manufacturers should probably reinforce the heel a bit on the sizes for younger babies as they all kick their legs a lot before they walk - it's part of their development!"

This was washed... not needed washing yet

This was worn by... My pre-walker baby

Sizing: Feels true to size

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

A Cambridge Baby Customer 17/09/2017

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