Boiled Wool Booties by Disana

Boiled Wool Booties by Disana


"I loved the material. And the idea. My son who wore them wasn't even crawling yet but I like that they had the non slip stuff on the bottoms. My complaint, and why they ultimately didn't get used very often, is the mechanism by which they close on the ankle. A baby that isn't yet walking doesn't have a hard ankle angle, so everything slips off... and these are very limited in the adjustment. They are meant to be only wrapped and velcro-ed as you see the in the photo. You can't make them any tighter around the ankle. So I velcro-ed the top bit to the wool which stretched the wool so that that didn't even work anymore and anyway it looked wrong and didn't stay well, etc etc."

This was washed... not needed washing yet

This was worn by... My son 3-9 mos

Sizing: Too big

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

Madeleine Van Zyl, LONDON 19/10/2016

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