Best Baby Socks in Organic Wool

Best Baby Socks in Organic Wool


"I am indeed impressed with these socks - they stay on!! Yes, even the best efforts of my 16 month old can't shift them. Ordinary crawling, climbing and rolling about don't affect them and even when she sits and makes a concerted effort to pull them off, they resist her! Its hard to see why they stay on so well, but I think the non-stretchy calf bit is the clue. She finds them comfy and there is no elastic mark, as you sometimes get with other socks.
Oh and they don't show the dirt much and I've only washed them once so far! (by hand, only takes a few moments. Great socks!!"

This was washed... Quick hand wash, roll in a towel, air dry.

This was worn by... My 16 month, not quite walking unaided, girl

Sizing: Feels true to size

I'd recommend this to a friend.

Phillipa, Llanbedr 14/10/2018

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