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Merino wool and alpaca

Merino wool and alpaca baby trousers and leggings help your child's skin breathe and keep the body warm and comfortable, even in changing temperatures, and organic wool, natural alpaca and silk ensure everything is chemical-free...
0 to 3yrs
4.89 of 5 Stars! from 62 Reviews
Soft, breathable Merino wool keeps little chests and bodies warm and the dungarees flex with your child's every movement.
  • gently hug the chest and allow your child to move
  • 100% soft, breathable organic Merino wool
  • natural nut buttons for the finishing touch
0 to 4yrs
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
New style baby pants from Disana with knitted waistbands and ankle cuffs Sturdy, dirt-resistant and moisture-resistant too. Boiled Merino wool is also soft, warm, flexible and easy to care for. Very durable!
  • all in 100% boiled organic Merino wool
  • soft knitted ankle cuffs
  • higher waist to keep tummies and lower back/kidneys warm
  • can be washed on a wool cycle, low temperature
  • new style
6m to 2yrs
£38.00 £30.40
Made to Iobios high standards, these organic tumbled Merino wool crawler pants are very warm and flexible, which makes it ideal for outdoorsy kids!
  • a natural, practical, breathable tumbled wool, thicker & heavier than a wool fleece
  • 100% GOTS certified organic, thick yet light Merino wool
  • deep soft ribbed wool waistband & ankle cuffs
  • beautifully finished, made to last
  • great for crawling & exploring inside & out!
3m to 4yrs
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
Easy to wear, medium-knit leggings babies and younger children. Warm, organic Merino wool - naturally good for your child's skin and body. Perfect to wear as trousers as they have a ribbed cuff at the ankle.
  • 100% GOTS certified organic Merino wool, made in the EU
  • these leggings are practical all year round
  • with a gentle elasticated waistband & ribbed cuffs at the ankles
18m to 12yrs
5 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
Comfort for indoors and out, for play or sleep. Perfectly flexible and un-take-off-able! Girls and boys love them.
  • soft, cosy, warm and breathable
  • 100% organic Merino wool terry
  • adjustable elasticated cuffs at the ankles
0 to 24m
The perfect baby trousers in a soft, super warm, lightweight and breathable organic Merino wool terry. Wool terry copes well with rough-and-tumble and remains soft and breathable forever. So healthy for your baby's delicate skin!
  • broad waist band - gentle on your baby's tummy
  • long ankle cuffs - turn them up or down keep draughts at bay
  • adjustable waist band - fold for a perfect fit and durability!
  • versatile - wear at night as breathable organic pyjamas
0 to 4yrs
  • 45% organic cotton, 35% organic Merino wool and 20% silk. Great as pyjamas or leggings
  • ribbed for extra warmth and comfort
  • gently elasticated waist
6m to 3yrs
5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
Soft, warm, fleeced Merino wool is the gentlest fabric for your baby or toddler - the organic cotton adds durability making it durable enough for outdoor wear, flexible for the wriggliest child and water and dirt resistant too. Great for squishing into slings and comfortable for the pram, and good for exploring hills and gardens too.
  • well made and cosy, with high ribbed waistband and cuffs
  • wool fleece pants create a light, comfortable insulating layer - even when damp!
  • matching warm fleecy jacket to match
  • unlike polyester, these pants will allow skin to breathe, absorbing moisture from the skin and keeping your baby comfortable
0 to 10yrs
4.74 of 5 Stars! from 78 Reviews
These knitted Merino wool trousers are ideal for young babies and busy toddlers, and for keeping children's longer legs warm too.
  • soft very flexible - lets your little one move freely
  • 100% organic Merino wool
  • gentle around the tummy with the nurturing warmth of wool
  • Note: sizing recommendations have been adjusted for a better fit. See sizing tab for details
"Wonderful, easy trousers - we use them constantly throughout the year and my children think they're fab." Nick Meanley, owner. ...
12 to 18m
Soft semi handknitted and lightweight slim leggings. Made from soft baby-alpaca wool. The all-over double rib-knitted pattern makes the leggings very stretchy and super comfortable for the little ones. Finished with knitted detail in the waistline, that hides the soft elastic.
  • 100% baby alpaca wool
0 to 6yrs
These soft pants have a brushed wool outer-layer, brilliant for warmth, paired with a smooth inner layer to prevent skin agitation. They have a roll-over cuff at the waist, and cuffs at the ankles for comfort and fit. A warm, soft pair of trousers for your little one.
  • 100% organic merino wool
  • stretchy cuffs for a comfortable fit
3 to 12m
£27.86 £20.00
Light bloomers in organic merino wool are soft and gentle on skin, perfect for outdoor play.
  • wide elastic cuffs at waist and ankle so they hold up while playing or wriggling
  • 100% organic merino wool
  • they fit well and look great - gorgeous new colours!
0 to 12m
Practical, lightweight baby trousers knitted in pure Merino wool - one of our best sellers.
  • 100% pure Merino wool
  • turn up ankle cuffs & gently elasticated waist
  • soft and flexible to put on and take off
0 to 4yrs
4.71 of 5 Stars! from 7 Reviews
Now also in super stripes!
With a gentle waist band and cuffs at the ankles, these soft Merino trousers give freedom for your baby to wriggle and your toddler to adventure. We love all the gorgeous colours, and know you will too!
  • warm, soft, flexible pull-ups for Autumn and Winter
  • 100% soft Merino wool
  • generous enough for cloth nappies
0 to 3yrs
4.4 of 5 Stars! from 5 Reviews
Leggings with feet in super-soft 70% Merino wool, 30% organic cotton. Very practical for the sling, pram or for toddling. Stretchy top to keep lower back and tummy warm. The trouser part is in a medium knit, while the ankle and foot are in a fine knit so that they fit into booties or shoes.
  • warm, soft, breathable & long-lasting
  • 70% Merino wool, 30% organic cotton
  • chemical-free cotton for healthy skin & body
  • cloth nappies friendly
0 to 24m
5 of 5 Stars! from 5 Reviews
The perfect way to keep babies and toddlers' legs warm during cold winters! They are great as trousers on their own or over-trousers for extra warmth. Versatile: use on their own or as outer-layer!
  • warm, breathable, soft and comfy
  • 100% organic Merino wool fleece
  • good fit: stretchy fold-over waistband and cuffs
9m to 8yrs
4.92 of 5 Stars! from 13 Reviews
Sturdy, dirt-resistant and moisture-resistant too, boiled Merino wool is also soft, warm, flexible and easy to care for. A gentle look with the pockets and patches' curved edges. Very durable!
  • all in 100% boiled organic Merino wool
  • extra padding on the knees and bum
  • higher waist to keep tummies and lower back/kidneys warm
  • straps to keep the trousers up and a greater freedom of movement
  • new style

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