Paper Fleece Nappy Liner

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Paper Fleece Nappy Liner

by Disana

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Disana's high-quality, tear-resistant cellulose nappy/diaper liners. Gentle on your baby's skin, these liners will help keep nappies cleaner longer and making changing easier. See our 'more' tab for more information.
  • oxygen-bleached from certified organic forestry
  • 100 sheets per roll
  • 36 x 16 cm

There is no need to pre-wash the liners.

Placed inside the washable nappy, these eco-friendly liners make it easier to lift out the main contents when you change the nappy. The nappy and liners therefore stay clean longer.

You can dispose of the liners in the toilet, one sheet at a time. They can also be composted or disposed of with non-recyclable waste.

If you are in a public toilet, please check that this is OK beforehand though, or if you have to bin them instead.


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