Disana\'s Amazing Boiled Wool Trousers With Straps

Disana's Amazing Boiled Wool Trousers With Straps


"My go-to item during winter. We adore these - they wear extremely well. We've had them for nearing two years and they are brilliant and beautiful. I love that you can just wipe off the dirt once it is dry, rain and spills don't get through, and they are flexible and comfortable for busy bodies! As pointed out the straps loosen over time as the elastic stretches. If I were more organised I would have adjusted the buttons, but as it is we just twist them around at the back or the front. Wear them with a tshirt or a jersey or both. They are now a little on the short side, but with stockings underneath to keep the ankles a bit warmer it is still our staple; soon we should be able to pass it on to the younger sibling as well. Can't beat Disana boiled wool for anything, and it is thanks to this item that we now also sport their boiled wool coats, a gillet for the older one and a playsuit for the younger.."

This was washed... not needed washing yet

This was worn by... 1yr to 2.5 yr old, and will be passed on to the next once big enough

Sizing: A little generous

I'd recommend this to a friend.

A Cambridge Baby Customer 20/11/2016

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