Stripy Organic Merino Wool & Silk Short-Sleeved Vest Top

Stripy Organic Merino Wool & Silk Short-Sleeved Vest Top


5 of 5 Stars!

"Love it. My 3yo was hesitant at first (tried on, immediately said it was too scratchy and refused it for a week) but eventually let me put it on him again and he's not been out of it for two weeks. Every morning he's so excited to wear his "stripy shirt" so I'm very relieved! Would highly recommend and will be buying at least one more, and maybe a long sleeve one to swap out (and prove to nursery that he actually does have more than one outfit haha!)

Little note on washing, I've not done a full wash yet but a couple of spot cleans that were almost a full wash in themselves (3 year olds are messy!) so I can say that it stood up well to tomato sauce, mud, etc. very well, it's amazing to see 'stains' just disappear with minimal effort. For a spot wash I just use a little bit of olive oil soap on the dirt, rinse and kind of gently pinch between my fingertips a few times until it's gone. We do that at bath time and then leave to dry overnight, and it's dry and ready to use again by morning, even if we've had to clean most of the front. If it's dried on the surface I just pick or brush it off and only wet if it's soaked in."

This was washed... washed fine

This was worn by... my 3yo son

Sizing: A little generous

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

A Cambridge Baby Customer 13/01/2022

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