Children\'s Merino Wool and Silk Polo-neck Vest top

Children's Merino Wool and Silk Polo-neck Vest top


"It is a wonderful vest, and feels very cozy. It is warm but lightweight at the same time, and the girl who wore it loves that. The roll neck is also very soft and comfortable even on someone with a short neck.
Unfortunately, the care instructions on the "Care" file as I followed them have proven wrong for this vest; I selected a delicate wash cycle at 30°c with a very low spin speed (400rpm), and since then it does not feel soft anymore. It is now scrathcy and a bit shrunk. It is no longer comfortable."

This was washed... had to be careful

This was worn by... Teenage girl

Sizing: Feels true to size

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

A Cambridge Baby Customer 09/10/2018

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