Wool/Silk Sleeveless Vest

Wool/Silk Sleeveless Vest


"These vests were great at first but didn't stand up well to being washed and shrank and felted. I have other items that are a silk wool mix that have washed fine time after time and held their shape. With small children this is a must as things need washing more often!"

This was washed... It shrank

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

A Cambridge Baby Customer 19/02/2017

"Hello lovely Cambridge Baby Customer (I am sorry I do not know your name),
Many thanks for your review.

We are sorry that you have had issues with the vests shrinking. It is rare that we get such feedback on these best selling staples but shrinking is unfortunately one of the possibilities when we choose to wear wool.

As Wool is naturally self-cleaning, naturally anti-bacterial and neutralises odours too and silk also releases dirt easily,we always say that after wearing, the best thing to do is to hang your silk/wool clothing to air rather than wash.

With small bits of dirt, they can be either wiped clean straight away or (if they are not the deep staining kind) left to dry then brushed off.

Obviously, these vests are best hand-washed at a maximum of 30C (lukewarm only, should feel coolish), then gently squeeze water out and wrap your wool clothes in a towel to remove the excess water. Air-dry naturally avoiding direct heat. So, hanging on a drying rack over the bath is good, or on a clothes horse.

Of course, we understand that this may not be practical, in which case we recommend the lovely 2-pack - Organic Cotton Child's Vest by Cosilana - http://www.cambridgebaby.co.uk/catalog/2-6-yrs/underwear/for-tops/2-pack-organic-cotton-childs-vest - which you can happily machine wash on a 40°c cotton cycle again and again.

Kind regards,
Cambridge Baby Team"

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