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trousers, leggings & shorts

Trousers, leggings, shorts and long-johns for older children and teenagers, all in good quality, natural fabrics...
2 to 12yrs
Super-soft leggings in pure organic cotton. The perfect look for comfortable everyday wear, on their own or under skirts and safe and healthy too.
  • GOTS certified
  • 100% soft organic cotton
2 to 11yrs
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Super-soft leggings in pure organic cotton. The perfect look for comfortable everyday wear, on their own or under skirts. They're free of harsh dyes and chemicals, so safe and healthy for little ones too.
  • slim stripes and fit
  • 100% soft organic cotton
  • gentle melange-dyed colours
2 to 16yrs
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A warm and cosy leggings made from breathable, natural Merino wool. Wool is thermo-regulating so this baby-body will help your child to maintain a steady safe temperature throughout the day and night.
  • gently elasticated waist
  • 100% organic Merino wool which softens with washing
  • machine-washable on a 30°C wool wash
3 to 7yrs
£44.00 £35.20
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
Made in Serendipity's gorgeous velour these soft leggings are warm, practical and comfortable all day long with a luxurious look and feel. They can be worn in every season, and match well with their Cordoury Jumper counterpart.
  • 100% soft, organic, fair trade (SA8000) certified cotton velour
  • straight cut with an elasticated waist
  • flexible and comfortable material
2 to 16yrs
4.89 of 5 Stars! from 18 Reviews
Best seller! The ideal base-layer for all outdoor play, skiing and cycling, these leggings are warm, flexible and breathable too: the wool fibre wicks away sweat and works with the body to maintain its optimal temperature. And when the hard work is over, the body stays warm.
  • naturally soft and anti-bacterial, it will not chafe the skin
  • 70% organic Merino wool, 30% mulberry silk - ideal for more sensitive skins
  • versatile - use on its own or as a base-layer
2 to 11yrs
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Our softest silk and organic wool long-johns!
These mightily soft long-johns are great on their own or as an extra layer of warmth. Merino wool and silk gives an optimal combination of warmth, gentleness and breathability.
  • 70% wool and 30% silk - super-soft, warm and breathable
  • cuffs at the ankles to keep them in place (please note that some long-johns now come with plain cuff in the main colour)
  • flat lock inside seams for extra comfort
18m to 12yrs
5 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
Comfort for indoors and out, for play or sleep. Perfectly flexible and un-take-off-able! Girls and boys love them.
  • soft, cosy, warm and breathable
  • 100% organic Merino wool terry
  • adjustable elasticated cuffs at the ankles
0 to 10yrs
4.74 of 5 Stars! from 74 Reviews
These knitted Merino wool trousers are ideal for young babies and busy toddlers, and for keeping children's longer legs warm too.
  • soft very flexible - lets your little one move freely
  • 100% organic Merino wool
  • gentle around the tummy with the nurturing warmth of wool
  • Note: sizing recommendations have been adjusted for a better fit. See sizing tab for details
"Wonderful, easy trousers - we use them constantly throughout the year and my children think they're fab." Nick Meanley, owner. ...

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