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shoes & slippers

Soft, breathable, natural booties and slippers for busy little feet in natural organic wool and baby-safe leather...
EU 36 to 48
4.52 of 5 Stars! from 23 Reviews
Warm wool socks with grips on the soles, so you can pad about the house with ease while keeping feet healthy. Ethically produced too.
  • 100% soft and sustainable wool which wicks moisture away quickly
  • naturally anti-bacterial
  • phthalate-free grippy bits
EU 22 to 36
4.85 of 5 Stars! from 34 Reviews
These amazing boiled wool children's slippers by Haflinger are made from natural boiled wool throughout, with a non-slip sole where the wool is infused with natural latex. Boiled wool is sturdy yet flexible where necessary, allowing the foot to expand and contract in comfort, and is warm, light and breathable too.
Wool is naturally anti-bacterial, dirt-resistant and breathable, which makes these Haflinger wool slippers the best indoor footwear. Feet stay healthy, warm and comfortable all day long.
  • cuffs at the top provide a gentle but secure fit
  • breathable boiled wool keeps fit warm and healthy
  • natural latex sole provides grip and ensures they last

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