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Organic wool socks, organic cotton socks and great blends all online in one place - the best natural socks to keep your baby or child comfortable and healthy...
EU 19 to 38
4.87 of 5 Stars! from 15 Reviews
These comfortable socks have great colour! The longer organic cotton fibres keep them soft and comfortable and the small amount of elastane makes the fit perfect.
  • 98% organic cotton for health and breathability, 2% elastane for fit
  • good-looking socks that last and last
  • seamless toes and heels to prevent rubbing
  • 2 pairs per pack - good value from Cambridge Baby
EU 39 to 46
4.63 of 5 Stars! from 8 Reviews
These high quality organic cotton socks have been hand-stitched at the heels and toes for a seamless finish. The organic cotton has longer, smoother fibres and these socks last brilliantly wash after wash.
  • 98% organic cotton for comfort, health and breathability
  • 2% elastane for a great, long-lasting fit
  • each 2 pack contains 2 pairs of stripy socks of the same colour
EU 19 to 42
4.64 of 5 Stars! from 11 Reviews
Organic cotton ankle socks for babies and children and adults in a soft, medium-fine knit. Soft ribbing ensure they stay up (they do!) and are comfortable. Well-made, great simple socks.
  • organic cotton - great for sensitive and eczema prone skin
  • machine-washable
  • hand-stitched toes - so they are seamless inside for comfort
  • 2 pairs per pack in the colour you choose
EU 21 to 31
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
Two pairs of ribbed knee high school socks in soft organic cotton.
  • 100% organic cotton
  • ribbed for comfort and fit
  • perfect for school uniform...
EU 21 to 33
4.5 of 5 Stars! from 6 Reviews
Breathable, comfortable, durable soft knee-high socks in organic natural fibres that nourish the foot, keeping the skin dry and the feet comfortable.
  • 50% organic Merino wool and 50% organic cotton
  • knee-high for extra warmth
  • very, very soft!
EU 17 to 34
4.4 of 5 Stars! from 15 Reviews
Organic wool socks for babies and children, in a soft, medium-fine knit. These organic wool socks are the highest quality wool socks we've seen, and so soft for even the most sensitive skins.
  • 100% organic wool
  • healthy, breathable warmth for the skin
  • fine enough knit to be worn inside shoes
  • hand-stitched toes - so they are seamless inside for comfort
EU 23 to 38
4 of 5 Stars! from 11 Reviews
Best quality super stripy socks in a machine-washable wool and organic cotton mix which are comfortable and long-lasting. When we say wool-rich, we mean it -
  • the warmth and goodness of wool with none of the itchiness
  • 75% wool, 23% organic cotton and 2% elastane
  • hand-stitched toes - so they are seamless inside for comfort!
EU 17 to 34
5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
Highest quality organic wool socks for babies, children and adults. These thicker-knit socks are perfect for boots, and are the softest we have found so ideal for delicate skin. Though they're thick-knit, they are slightly slimmer than our Basic Thick Knit Socks, and are much softer.
  • 100% organic wool for natural health
  • comfortable, breathable warmth for the skin
  • hand-stitched toes - so they are seamless inside for comfort
EU 18 to 2
4.19 of 5 Stars! from 32 Reviews
Our best selling non-slip socks are now in a medium-thick knit so can also be worn inside wellies and boots. Children love these socks - and so do adults with very small feet!
  • 100% soft and breathable Merino wool socks
  • phthalate-free rubber grips
  • perfect for slipper Houdinis!
EU 18 to 2
4.71 of 5 Stars! from 7 Reviews
These pure organic wool socks will keep your child's feet warm and snug whatever they are up to, and they look great. Well-made organic wool socks with contrasting toe and heel in rich colours.
  • medium thickness so, great for boots and Winter shoes
  • made from 100% organic, breathable lambswool
  • smooth knit on the sole, rib knit on the top and ankle
EU 19 to 34
5 of 5 Stars! from 11 Reviews
Ooooooh, we so love these gorgeous organic wool socks! In a hand-knitted style, they'll keep your children's feet healthy and warm. Quite a thick knit for padding around the house and for inside boots, and, with hand-stitched toes, these organic wool socks are seamless inside for optimal comfort. Really lovely and a great gift.
  • 100% Demeter quality organic wool
  • warm and cosy
  • soft even when felted
  • Tip: if you shrink them, you can reshape them when wet
EU 15 to 2
4.38 of 5 Stars! from 13 Reviews
Gorgeous knitted ankle-length socks in soft pure wool. Beautifully finished around the toes and heel. Wear then air.
  • soft pure wool for cosy warm feet
  • breathable wool for healthy feet
  • 2 pairs of wool socks per pack.

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