Beautiful Hand-Knitted Style Wool Socks for Adults

Beautiful Hand-Knitted Style Wool Socks for Adults


"I bought quite a few pairs of these socks, at first thinking them good quality. Unfortunately they wear through in the heels very quickly, leaving them useless."

This was washed... washed fine

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

Stephanie Fedor, HEREFORD 05/10/2014

"Thank you for your review. It is in the nature of wool, including good quality wool, to wear and these wool socks are knitted in a soft wool very comfortable on the feet. On hard floors, they should be worn inside slippers.

- Choose our non-slip house socks to use on wooden floors - they have grippy soles :)
- Choose wool/cotton or wool/alpaca blend socks for greater durability.

We feel that the wonderful benefits of natural, breathable wool for our well-being outweighs the little extra care needed. We love these words about wool socks from Alan Bolton:

"Discovering the deep beauty of wool socks unleashed a sense of oneself I had never known before. I’m telling you, life is renewed.""

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