Wrap Baby Body in Organic Cotton with Fold Over Scratch Mitts

Wrap Baby Body in Organic Cotton with Fold Over Scratch Mitts


"Lovely material used . It comes up really small , definitely order the size up ! . It looks smart but generally found the cross over buttons a little tricky .

The built in scratch mitts are BADLY designed and are impossible to fold over with any room for babies fingers ."

This was washed... washed fine

This was worn by... My bonnie baby girl

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

Heidi G, LONDON 02/01/2019

"Hello Heidi,

Thank you for the honest and helpful review. My little one has been wearing these and I agree with most of what you say.

Definitely size up. My girl is very average in weight and length (50th percentile for each). From a couple of weeks old she started wearing them. They were never particularly roomy and she has almost outgrown the first size in under 2 months.

The poppers can be fiddly and figuring out where they match up with a wriggly screaming baby can be a tad frustrating. I do like the wrap style though because it means you don't have to navigate a head through a neck hole.

The folder over mitts are not ideal. I like that they stop scratches and keep her hands warm, but I feel bad that her hands have to be in a fist for them to fit. She doesn't seem to mind though.

Many thanks,
Cambridge Baby Team"

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