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Bishopston Trading

Bishopston Trading was a highly ethical Fair Trade company based in Bristol in the UK. I say "was" Bishopston Trading does not exist any more, unfortunately.

It was set up by Carolyn Whitwell with the aim to help the then poor weaving village of KV Kuppum in southern India.

Unfortunately, after 28 years of positively pioneering work, Bishopston Trading has closed down. Though it is really sad news, we admire this fair partnership which has enabled the children in the weaving village of KV Kuppum to go to school and get an education.

The result was that the village changed and the set up started by Bishopston Trading was no longer necessary. This, added to the recession meant that the company was not able to carry on.

Bishopston Trading's owner, Carolyn Whitwell, looked with pride and satisfaction at the end of what was a most extraordinary and positive experience.

The whole of Bishopston Trading's range is in certified organic cotton, safe and gentle for your little one.
So this your last chance to get your hands on these delightful, comfortable garments that have brought about a positive change in the families of the workers that made them!
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