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An excellent brand of very fine New Zealand Merino wool clothes - BabyBundles' Merino sleeping bags for babies are fantastic! High quality, non-itchy, very fine Merino wool that is beautifully made up - try them now and be delighted.

The idea came from owner Chris Fitzgerald's experience of caring for his premature twins Mia and Drew. On discharge the nurses suggested to keep his twins warm at home and on the move by buying or making some small merino sleep sacks to sleep them in. As he couldn't find any Merino wool sleep sacks, he made some up with the help of his mother-in-law, a professional seamstress. The rest is history!

As Chris’ children have grown he has expanded into merino clothing to help keep his busy children warm at home, on the run and at school. He loves to get his and his friends children modelling BabyBundles clothing.

BabyBundles garments are made in New Zealand using 100% New Zealand merino. New Zealand’s beautiful environment provides clean air and chemical free water for turning merino wool into high quality merino clothing.

There is often a little surprise when people learn that Chris owns a children's clothing company and they often ask "Do you make the clothing yourself?" To which Chris responds "I leave that to the experts and focus on product design, marketing and distribution". Chris also has several shop owners offering him advice, so being a family-minded entrepreneur is quite a friendly job, really!

At Cambridge Baby we highly recommend BabyBundles' clothes and sleeping bags to anyone who thinks of wool as itchy. These clothes are very soft and light, yet warm and breathable - perfect for young children's skins!"

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