Liquid Gall Soap - Natural Stain Remover 250ml

Liquid Gall Soap - Natural Stain Remover 250ml


"I had a light coloured wool chunky cardigan, and with time the dirt had ingrained despite of having been washed with proper detergents. It had also suffered shrinkage due to persistent washings, in the desperate hope to remove the overall dirt, that was now turning this lovely colour into a light shade of grey. It had become a desperate case... (i.e. nasty marks of grease on the end of the sleeves). So, at the end of my "ball of wool", I bought this product hoping for some results, BUT I was not prepared for the miracle that ensued!

The cardigan not only returned to its original colour, but now it actually looks brighter than I ever remembered it. And with the help of the wool conditioner, it managed to be restored to its natural feel, with a much more flexible weave and it restored its length, although the liquid gall soap had done the initial loosening of the fibres. The liquid gall soap makes wearing silk and wool a lot more stress free now that I know I can give them the care that they deserve, without having to feel heart broken if the garment has suffered a stain. The only disappointment I had, was when I tried to wash the stains off my waterproof coats... Alas, the miracle didn't work for this kind of textile! But it was worth the try!"

This was washed... FANTASTIC!

This was worn by... Me, the partner of Mr. Nicolas Haynes

Sizing: Feels true to size

I'd recommend this to a friend.

Nicolas Haynes, Chipping Norton 01/03/2019

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