Wool and Silk Shampoo / Liquid Detergent

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Product ID: S-649

Wool and Silk Shampoo / Liquid Detergent

by Ulrich Naturlich

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A very gentle "shampoo" especially designed for washing sheepskins, wool wraps and all woollen or silk clothing. Natural fibres require special care. This natural detergent contains natural soaps from coconut oil, lactic acid from milk and natural lanolin.
  • suitable for machine and hand washing
  • keeps your fine fabrics softer
  • prolongs their life - protects and replenishes their natural oils
  • good value - only two dessert spoonfuls needed per wash!
  • please note that we are unable to ship liquid soaps outside of the UK

For hand-washing: dissolve 1 dessert-spoonful in luke-warm water.
For machine-washing: add two dessert-spoonfuls in your normal detergent drawer and wash on your normal wool or silk cycle at 30 degrees C.


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