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The clothes that fly off our virtual shelves combine usefulness, quality and practical style in nature's finest organic fabrics and here are those that parents love most...
0 to 10yrs
4.75 of 5 Stars! from 83 Reviews
These knitted Merino wool trousers are ideal for young babies and busy toddlers, and for keeping children's longer legs warm too.
  • soft very flexible - lets your little one move freely
  • 100% organic Merino wool
  • gentle around the tummy with the nurturing warmth of wool
  • Note: sizing recommendations have been adjusted for a better fit. See sizing tab for details
"Wonderful, easy trousers - we use them constantly throughout the year and my children think they're fab." Nick Meanley, owner. ...
0 to 3yrs
4.9 of 5 Stars! from 68 Reviews
Soft, breathable Merino wool keeps little chests and bodies warm and the dungarees flex with your child's every movement.
  • gently hug the chest and allow your child to move
  • 100% soft, breathable organic Merino wool
  • natural nut buttons for the finishing touch
0 to 4yrs
4.8 of 5 Stars! from 20 Reviews
This is an excellent quality, long-sleeved baby-body. Lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking, gentle and supple, it is ideal next to the skin all year round. Breathable wool and soft silk - the perfect material for babies' delicate skins!
  • flexible knit - easy to put on and take off
  • 70% fine organic Merino wool, 30% pure silk
  • nickel-free poppers at the crotch
  • great for cloth nappies (we recommend you size up, though)
baby to adult
4.71 of 5 Stars! from 48 Reviews
Most practical, most functional Winter headgear - the open-face balaclava or storm hat. In soft, warm, breathable organic Merino wool, this balaclava protects the head, chin, neck and shoulders from the cold.
  • the neck and collarbone are kept warm and stops draughts
  • 100% organic Merino wool fleece - so soft and warm
  • the wool allows the skin to breathe, keeping it healthy and comfortable
2 to 16yrs
4.87 of 5 Stars! from 30 Reviews
Best seller! The ideal base-layer for all outdoor play, skiing and cycling, these leggings are warm, flexible and breathable too: the wool fibre wicks away sweat and works with the body to maintain its optimal temperature. And when the hard work is over, the body stays warm.
  • naturally soft and anti-bacterial, it will not chafe the skin
  • 70% organic Merino wool, 30% mulberry silk - ideal for more sensitive skins
  • versatile - use on its own or as a base-layer
UK 8 to 18
4.85 of 5 Stars! from 106 Reviews
Beautiful, soft breathable fabric that is so comfortable next to the skin, and long sleeves for all-over warmth. A true year-round staple to wear year after year!
  • 70% organic Merino wool, 30% pure silk - naturally anti-bacterial and breathable
  • with long-sleeves and a scoop neck
  • versatile: for everyday wear, base-layer, for skiing and hiking and even comfortable as pyjamas!
18m to 16yrs
4.87 of 5 Stars! from 62 Reviews
These long-sleeved vests will keep your child snug and comfortable whatever they're up to. The combination of pure silk and organic Merino wool ensures that these vests are a little softer, lighter and gentler - several mums have said their children refuse to take them off! Can be worn alone as a top on warm days - they look great!
  • warm, super-soft and breathable - the perfect base layer
  • 70% organic Merino wool, 30% silk blend
  • a fine knit to stay close to the skin
UK 8 to 18
4.91 of 5 Stars! from 179 Reviews
This simple sleeveless vest is the perfect underlayer - soft, warm yet breathable and comfortable. Once you've put it on, it'll be hard to take off! Good job its fabric is naturally antibacterial and self-cleaning...
  • 70% organic Merino wool, 30% pure silk
  • binding on black and natural is 60% cotton, 20% polyester and 20% elastane
  • warm, breathable and feminine
  • standard length in smaller sizes, wonderfully long in the bigger sizes (click on "sizing" tab).
UK 8 to 18
4.91 of 5 Stars! from 44 Reviews
With a tailored fit keeping close to the body and flattering your shape, this organic wool jacket is very warm and very soft. Looking great, feeling cosy!
  • 100% soft, thick, GOTS-certified organic Merino wool fleece
  • good arm length, good high collar and practical pockets
  • flexible, warm and breathable for indoors and out
2 to 11yrs
4.94 of 5 Stars! from 16 Reviews
Our softest, highest quality wool/silk blend vest top, a combination of Merino wool and pure silk for warmth, gentleness and breathability with extra softness.
  • 70% organic Merino wool and 30% silk
  • insulating and breathable and chemical-free for sensitive skin
  • a high quality, well-finished vest top in a wonderful fabric
18m to 16yrs
4.95 of 5 Stars! from 83 Reviews
In a soft 30% silk and 70% organic Merino wool blend, these best-selling sleeveless vests will keep your child snug and comfortable whatever they're up to whilst being very gentle on the skin.
  • fine knit to stay close to the skin and a good length
  • the wool/silk mix works to keep the body at the right temperature, naturally
  • pure, chemical-free silk and organic merino wool for your child's well-being
15 to 5yrs
4.5 of 5 Stars! from 36 Reviews
Our best selling non-slip socks are now in a medium-thick knit so can also be worn inside wellies and boots. Children love these socks - and so do adults with very small feet!
  • 100% soft and breathable Merino wool socks
  • phthalate-free rubber grips
  • perfect for slipper Houdinis!
EU 17 to 34
4.41 of 5 Stars! from 17 Reviews
Organic wool socks for babies and children, in a soft, medium-fine knit. These organic wool socks are the highest quality wool socks we've seen, and so soft for even the most sensitive skins.
  • 100% organic wool
  • healthy, breathable warmth for the skin
  • fine enough knit to be worn inside shoes
12m to 12yrs
4.91 of 5 Stars! from 22 Reviews
In a finer knit than our other children's tights, these are ideal organic cotton tights for school and for "best".
  • 98% GOTS certified organic cotton and 2% elastane
  • soft, breathable, practical and good-looking
  • durable, quality tights
0 to 9yrs
4.58 of 5 Stars! from 12 Reviews
Gorgeous, super-soft pure wool tights available in natural and navy. Warm and breathable to keep little legs warm and skin healthy, we've chosen these because of their soft knit and flexibility.
  • 100% super soft, non-itchy wool
  • naturally stretchy
  • easy to put on and take off
3-6m to adult
4.95 of 5 Stars! from 82 Reviews
A brilliant design with a broad brim, straps under the chin, and great neck protection too. Our best-selling sunhat - read on for why! The band colour may vary from that pictured
  • 100% organic cotton
  • broad all-round brim (longer at the neck) - excellent sun protection for face, eyes, ears and back of the neck
  • ties on all sizes for tip-top stay-on-ability (though you can cut them off if you prefer)
  • a gently stretchy stripy band in knitted organic cotton around the head - fits well and is comfy
  • a very high natural certified UV protection too
This really is the UV sunhat parents can't get enough of - we hope we've bought enough this season! (checkout the reviews...) ...

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