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Wool slippers for adults, cosy sheepskin slippers and footwear in natural, undyed leather too, just for you...
EU 40 to 48
£57.36 £43.20
5 of 5 Stars! from 10 Reviews
These adult slippers are great across seasons, you'll find yourself wearing them in the garden too. Nick here even wears them out (shh, don't tell anyone!). Made by wool slipper specialists Haflinger.
  • handy slip-on slippers
  • beautiful felted wool to let your feet breathe
  • cork and latex sole for strength, comfort and durability
EU 36 to 48
4.83 of 5 Stars! from 12 Reviews
Warm wool socks with grips on the soles, so you can pad about the house with ease while keeping feet healthy. Ethically produced too.
  • 100% soft and sustainable wool which wicks moisture away quickly
  • naturally anti-bacterial
  • phthalate-free grippy bits

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