Baby Jumper in Organic Merino Wool Melange

Baby Jumper in Organic Merino Wool Melange


"Bought the 6-12 month size for our 11 month old boy. He is currently in 12-18 month clothes due to being 99th centile height so I was dubious that it would fit for long but the sizing is very generous, I would say it's more like 12-24 months and he has loads of room to grow into it. It is also quite stretchy so can grow a bit with him.

Feels like it is very comfy to wear due to the stretch and due to the wool not being too thick (but still warm). Looks a good quality when he is wearing it and a nice traditional piece of clothing that goes with everything and hopefully can be passed down as it won't go out of fashion. I love it and have also since bought in blue - the colours are exactly the tone in the pictures.

Only drawback to these clothes is that I am terrified of putting them anywhere near the washing machine after previous disasters. So I keep a separate basket for wool items then when I have a few I hand wash in barely-warm water with a gentle wool detergent, then gently wring out and leave to dry spread out on a towel so they don't go misshapen. It's fine, sounds like more of a faff than it actually is, and worth it because of the quality of the wool compared to a cheap cotton jumper."

This was washed... Hand washed

This was worn by... Hefty 11 month old

Sizing: A little generous

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

Julia, LONDON 16/09/2016

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