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Lindjan is a German artisan family business who specialises manufacturing eco-friendly, people-friendy shoes in pure, natural vegetable tanned leather.

The leather comes from domestic cattle. It is tanned in southern Germany according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, using tannins from sustainable forestry. It is then sewn in Hamburg, Germany.

Pure vegetable tanned leather means that no artificial colours or additives were used. The slippers have been dermatologically tested and tested for harmful substances and comply to IVN standards.

So if you are looking for natural, eco-friendly, skin-friendly and people-friendly slippers for your baby, child or for yourself, don't look any further!

Lindjan slippers are velvety soft, breathable and very comfortable!
EU 17 to 24
£27.00 £20.00
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Un-dyed leather, safe enough to chew! Beautifully soft baby shoes in naturally-tanned leather. Expertly made with folded-over finish rather than raw. Gentle covered elastic for a good fit, and tested to be toddler-proof.
  • 100% vegetable-tanned leather, safe and free from heavy metal, chrome and other toxins.
  • Choose from pure, un-dyed leather - safe enough to chew! or
  • Eco-safe, environmentally friendly dyed leather. Small risk of colours running if wet.
EU 27 to 45
4.57 of 5 Stars! from 7 Reviews
Wool innersoles give a better fit to your shoes through cushioning and supporting the sole of your foot and provide extra warmth too. Another benefit is that the pure, felted wool is very breathable and healthy for your skin. Great for wellies or our beautiful undyed slippers, of course. They're a hidden treat for your feet!
  • 100% pure non-bleached, non-coloured pure wool felt
  • use for extra comfort and warmth and for improved fit
  • Please size up by TWO shoe sizes, or THREE for a more generous fitting boot and trim the innersole down to your perfect shape

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