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MeDea was created in 2002 by Italian entrepreneur Emanuela Venturi who fell in love with the natural hand dyeing during a NGO mission to Bolovia.

MeDeA is clothes are made of Bolivian alpaca wool sourced and knitted from small-scale, ethical, independent producers and cooperatives. They employ mostly women who knit by hand or on a manual loom and spin the wool. None of the the workers are below the age of 18.

Alpacas are native to the Andes and live at around 4000 metres above sea level. Alpaca wool is one of the world’s most luxurious materials because it is warm, waterproof, flexible, resistant and shrinks far less than sheep wool.

The wonderful colours of MeDeA's garments come from natural dyes created by Emanuela Venturi using berries, barks, flowers, leaves, and cochineal for its fabulous crimson. No chemicals are used in making or dying the garments.
18m to 8yrs
£88.00 £50.00
Soft, cosy and natural. A hand-knitted starry jumper in the finest baby Alpaca. Dyed using natural fruit, leaf, and vegetable dyes, wonderfully ecofriendly without compromising on style.
  • Designed in Italy and hand-made in Bolivia.
  • 100% pure Alpaca wool
  • hand-knitted in Bolivia
3 to 12m
The most gorgeous and scrumptious dungarees ever!
These dungarees are practical, warm, soft and super-cute... you really won't want to dress your baby or toddler in anything else!
  • 100% pure Alpaca
  • stripes coloured by nature in either naturally occurring colours or plant dyed
  • hand-made in Bolivia

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