Disana Wool Conditioner

  • Disana Wool Conditioner
  • Disana Wool Conditioner

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Disana Wool Conditioner

Lanolin is the natural wool wax of sheep wool. Wool wax envelops the fiber and protects it from environmental influences. The wool products in our disana program contain a lot of natural lanolin, which protects and cares for the wool fiber. Especially with the wool diaper pants of the disana diaper system, lanolin is constantly consumed. But other woolen products lose their natural wool by washing or dehydration. Therefore, occasionally lanolin must be added to the wool fiber. Our Lanolinkur is optimally suited for this. It consists of liquid wool wax and can be easily dissolved in hand-warm water. After washing, the woolen product is placed in a bath of lanolin. The wool fiber can absorb new lanolin and is thus protected from dirt and dehydration.
Disana's wool conditioner is produced without harmful emulsifiers. As a result, the wool grease may separate from the water over time. In this state, it resembles off milk, rather than sunscreen. Please place the closed bottle in hot water for about 10 minutes. This will heat up the liquid and a vigourous shake will return it to its correct smooth texture.
  • suitable for hand washing
  • keeps your fine fabrics softer
  • prolongs their life - protects and replenishes their natural oils
  • good value - only two dessert spoonfuls needed per wash!
  • please note that we are unable to ship liquid soaps outside of the UK
Ingredients: Lanolin, Emulsifier, Fatty Alcohol, Citric Acid, Preservative. Free of fragrances, skin and environmentally friendly, produced without animal experiments.

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