Liquid Gall Soap - Natural Stain Remover 200ml

  • Liquid Gall Soap - Natural Stain Remover 200ml
  • Liquid Gall Soap - Natural Stain Remover 200ml

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Liquid Gall Soap - Natural Stain Remover 200ml

by Disana

Liquid gall soap is a natural, traditional stain remover, particulary useful for stubborn or oily stains on natural fibres. It is safe to use on wool clothing, which is great, and this good quality ecological gall soap is made entirely from renewable and biodegradable ingredients.
Please note that gall soap is not suitable for vegetarians and it is not odourless. This 250ml bottle of concentrated gall soap comes from bovine gall from animals reared in a kind and natural manner.
Use to remove all sorts of stains including:
  • pen, ink, paint,
  • blood and other protein stains,
  • wine, fruit, grass
  • oil, grease and candle wax
  • please note that we are unable to ship liquid soaps outside of the UK
Naturally removes stains!

Washing: How to use gall soap
Apply gall soap directly to the stain and work in. Rinse thoroughly or rinse/wash in your normal wash. Do not leave it directly on the fabric for too long on delicate fabrics. We suggest testing first for colour-fastness.
Alternatively, to machine wash, you can add 20 - 30ml to the main detergent draw of your wash and use your normal cycle (wool cycle for woollens of course!) or you can add it to the pre-wash cycle, and follow with your normal detergent.

Customer Tested
"I have now tried it on various stains, and there really is only one thing to say about the product: IT WORKS!!!!!
I have used it directly on the stains and in the washing machine. It worked best directly on the stains and on extra tough stains, do a little bit of both.

I have used it on various stains; new ones and old ones, diaper stains and fruit/smoothie stains and on general dirt (from my 10 month old baby making her way on the outdoor terrace sitting on her bum).
To my big surprise it actually reduced an old diaper stain that has been on a body since her older sister made the stain a few years back. It did not completely disappear, but the stain was definitely reduced after I used the gall soap (this being a well worn body that has been used and washed numerously times, but the stain has stayed until now)
The baby is in to eating berries and drinking smoothies at the moment. Great fun - and great mess. The gall soap took all the stains except the blueberry ones (but it did reduce even the blueberrystains)

I have only tried it on the babies natural-coloured (off-white) wool products, so it's been easy to see how well the gall soap has worked.
So, all in all a great product, which I have no problems with recommending. Will definitely buy some once the free sample runs out (another bonus: it is very long lasting; don't have to use much each time).

Gunnhild, Ranheim, Norway

In your experience...
We have heard that it prevents whites from turning grey but haven't had a chance to test that ourselves - let us know if it does this too in your experience.


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