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nappy stuff

Organic nappies for your baby; combine organic cotton cloth nappies with organic Merino wool nappy covers and see our blog for the Disana organic nappy system...
Comfort and reliability. Crafted from 100% organic cotton terry, this insert is designed for superior absorbency and breathability. Ideal for sensitive skin, it's an eco-friendly choice for your baby's needs. Simple, effective, and soft – the perfect addition to your cloth nappy routine.
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • 30x11cm
  • washable and reusable
  • pack of 2
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
Make your Engel baby bodies last longer or fit a cloth nappy with these organic Merino wool and silk 3-pack of extenders.
  • 100% warm and breathable organic Merino wool and silk
  • nickel free poppers
  • fits all Engel baby bodies
50 to 3yrs
4.96 of 5 Stars! from 23 Reviews
Effective, good value wool wrap beloved by Germans and catching on in the UK. Pull on over a cloth nappy for a breathable outer layer that cleans itself.
  • 100% organic Merino wool, this is the softest, most natural nappy outer you can get
  • breathable - healthy for baby's skin
  • naturally stretchy for baby's comfort
  • Note: sizing recommendations have been adjusted for a better fit following lanolising which shrinks the garment. If you don't plan to lanolise, we advise that you size down. See sizing tab for details.
Find out how to use the Disana nappy system at our blog on Nappy Instructions

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Five soft, natural nappies for your little one in one pack. Made of 100% organic cotton knitted to stretch and flex with your baby this is a remarkable one-size organic nappy which will fit your newborn and last til toddler. Sometimes, traditional really is best. ...
15 to 45cm
4.5 of 5 Stars! from 4 Reviews
Raw silk has natural anti-bacterial properties which help the prevention and healing of nappy rash. It's also comfortable next to the skin, making this the perfect natural nappy liner!
  • a handy pack of 5 liners
  • 100% knitted, naturally anti-bacterial, raw silk
5 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
Unbleached organic cotton muslin squares. Put over your shoulder when carrying or "burping" your baby, wipe up spills and possetting, put under your baby's head when sleeping on sheepskins, wear next to the skin as a nappy (double them up!), use as a bib and much more!
  • 80 x 80 cm
  • 100% unbleached organic cotton - dries quickly too!
  • the most versatile and staple item for babies and parents!
5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
Disana's high-quality, tear-resistant cellulose nappy/diaper liners. Gentle on your baby's skin, these liners will help keep nappies cleaner longer and making changing easier. See our 'more' tab for more information.
  • oxygen-bleached from certified organic forestry
  • 100 sheets per roll
  • 36 x 16 cm

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