Disana Knitted Nappy Cover in Organic Merino Wool

Disana Knitted Nappy Cover in Organic Merino Wool


"Excellent item and delivered very quickly. I think you can afford to go a little bigger with these as it avoids stretching them too much. We've found that the nappy lady is right (see her website) in that they do news to be lanolin treated about 3 times to reach peak absorbency. After that they are left to air each day and we have 2 we rotate. We only treat them to a lanolin top up when they smell a bit and that's usually less than once a month. We never have leaks, ever (using bamboozle boosted with hemp or bamboo insert. We love these and can't recommend them enough!"

This was washed... Needs special care and does felt a little but has not shunk.

This was worn by... My baby, now toddler. Still going strong!

Sizing: Feels true to size

I'd recommend this to a friend.

Sarah, Watford 13/01/2021

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