Disana Knitted Nappy Cover in Organic Merino Wool

Disana Knitted Nappy Cover in Organic Merino Wool


"love how wool works as a nappy cover.
soft, absorbent, easy to care for, don't leave marks on baby skin,
warm when its cool. cool when its warm (he wore wool on holiday in spain in june and september)

they are so darn cute.
tom wears them with a shirt, cardigan and knee socks and looks great. i get lots of admiring mums and dads complementing his style or asking where they come from.
makes getting dressed super easy, and cloth nappy wearing a breeze

he wears these or the boiled wool trousers every day, he's worn the same four covers and two pairs of trousers for a whole year, and now, at 13 months ive just bought five new pairs in the 2-3 size, they are a bit hiphop baggy, but will last us all year. we dont wear any other trousers/leggings at all."

This was washed... washed fine

Sizing: A little generous

I'd recommend this to a friend.

Saga, LONDON 02/03/2016

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