Natural Gall-Soap Stain Removing Bar

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Product ID: S-1271

Natural Gall-Soap Stain Removing Bar

by Ulrich Naturlich

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A natural stain-removing laundry soap for use with all textiles.
  • 70% pure soap made with real ox bile
  • 100g
  • no surfactants, bleach or brightening agents

Keep out of reach of children. If the soap comes in contact with the eyes, immediately rinse with water. If it gets swallowed inadvertently, seek doctor's advice.

Before use, test the garment for colour-fastness on a spare piece of material.

Rub the dampened soap onto the garment then let it take effect. Depending on the kind of textile, rinse the fabric well with cold/warm or boiling water. Repeat if necessary.


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