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Sodasan - Producer of environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners for over 30 years.

Sodasan was started with a vision to develop cleaning agents from natural raw materials that do not pollute the environment during their manufacture and after use.

Sodasan offers conscious consumers an essential alternative for washing and cleaning. With Sodasan products you can achieve great cleaning results with significantly reduced environmental impact.

How is this possible? A new breakthrough in the chemical industry? Hardly. In place of the miracle cure of the "whiter than white" era, Sodasan uses proven ingredients and follow a product policy which you can easily understand:
  • Sodasan use only vegetable oils from organic cultivation as the base for our soap products.
  • Sodasan support socially responsible agriculture in the Third World by buying vegetable oils from Fair Trade projects.
  • Sodasan do not use any synthetic preservatives or fragrances in our products.
  • Sodasan do not use any ingredients from chlorine chemistry.
  • Sodasan do not use any ingredients which are manufactured using genetic engineering.

  • Sodasan's guiding principles are: active nature conservancy, efficient use of resources and the use of plant-based raw materials preferably from organic sources. If available, we source our raw materials from organic projects based in developing countries.

    Sodasan do not use any detergents of petrochemical origin or materials that are produced using GMOs. Wherever possible, we use soap as the most natural washing substance, which ensures a closed loop of natural cycles. Our liquid soap is produced by a unique low-temperature process according to the criteria of gentle chemistry. This manufacturing process is zero waste.

    To offset their carbon emissions, Sodasan financially supports re-forestation in collaboration with PRIMA-KLIMA e.V. This makes their operations verifiably carbon neutral. Since 2016 they also offset the emissions of their employees’ commutes.

    All energy supplied to the company is from renewable energy sources.
Effective against stubborn stains such as dirt, grass, blood, cocoa, fruit, fat. The product contains soap as an active ingredient, which is quickly and completely biodegradable. This soap is made using a specially developed low-temperature saponification process. Can be used as a pre-treatment or as a laundry detergent enhancer during machine washing.

Dosage: Apply Sodasan stain remover to the dirt and let it work. Then rinse or machine wash. Repeat the process if heavily soiled. If there are large stains or to reinforce the detergent, add 30 ml (= 3-4 tablespoons) in addition to the detergent directly into the drum of your washing machine. Not suitable for very sensitive fibers. Please note the care instructions in your textiles.
  • effective stain removal
  • with organic plant soap
  • enzyme-free, GMO-free
  • no preservatives
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Pleasantly clean & soft laundry. Pure and soft laundry due to the effective removal of detergent residues from the textiles. The laundry becomes smoother and has a pleasant, delicate, fruity peach fragrance. Sodasan fabric softener is essentially based on citric acid. Citric acid is known to be a rapidly degradable substance. Sodasan fabric softener is not designed like a classic fabric softener that soaks up and envelops the fiber. The softening effect of the product is based on the removal of unnecessary lime and detergent residues from the fiber, so that they feel softer and provide a comfortable fit. Produced in a CO2 -neutral manner.

Put one dosing cap (= 40 ml) in the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine. For hand washing you need ½ dosing cap (= 20 ml).
  • removes unnecessary residues from the laundry
  • well suited for people with sensitive skin
  • no dyes or preservatives
  • plesant natural fragrance thanks to pure essential oils

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