Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)

  • Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)
  • Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)
  • Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)
  • Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)
  • Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)
  • Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)
  • Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)

Price: £23.50

Lasse Sun Hat in Organic Cotton (UV)

by Pickapooh

5 of 5 Stars! from 6 Reviews

All the great features of the firefighter sun hat but with straight sides & a flat top crown for an easier fit. Excellent protection for the face and the back of the neck. The stretchy band and chin ties ensure a comfortable fit.
  • 100% organic cotton
  • broad all-round brim (longer at the neck) - excellent sun protection for face, eyes, ears and back of the neck
  • ties on all sizes for tip-top stay-on-ability (though you can cut them off if you prefer)
  • a gently stretchy stripy band in knitted organic cotton around the head - fits well and is comfy
  • a very high natural certified UV protection too
  • colours from left to right: turquoise, purple, orange, slate green, olive, pink, navy, red, blue
  • All colours UV 80 unless stated otherwise
This really is the UV sunhat parents can't get enough of - we hope we've bought enough this season! (checkout the reviews...) These sun hats are on the way to us, and should be with us shortly!

Natural UV sun protection

All these firefighter-style (or 'Feuerwehr Strick' in German) sunhats are in high quality organic cotton - chemical-free next to the skin. The UV certified hats are in a fabric which naturally affords sun protection at the stated level - and this is entirely due to the fabric's colour and weave, no chemical finishes. The certification process is rigorous and includes when stretched and when wet - under all sorts of conditions these hats always protect your child. Wonderful, entirely natural UV protection for children.

These sun hats, we believe, are the very first natural, organic clothing to have received UV certification.

Tip: If it is a very hot day (over 30C) and you feel that the sunhat might be a bit too warm, you can soak it in water. This then evaporates, keeping your child cool as well as keeping them protected!

Remember - go get your sunhats now so your child is safe and comfortable when the heat is really on.
Old sceptic that I am, I actually do believe what the dermatologists tell us: the most important sun protection is the clothing your baby or child wears - much more valuable than suntan lotion and without the chemicals too.

We firmly believe that long sleeves and a good sun hat such as this one is so much better for your baby or child than short sleeves and a baseball cap!

Sizing We have translated the centimetre sizing into approximate age bands. For greater accuracy, measure your child's head around the broadest part - usually the forehead to the back of the head - then go and choose your sunhat!

Our sizing:
40cm we give as 0-3m
44cm we give as 3-6m
48cm we give as 6-12m (size up for bigheads!)
52cm we give as 1yr - 3yrs
56cm we give as 3yrs - 10yrs, but this may be the right size for your 2-year-old boy or for your 13-year-old girl. Head sizes really vary a lot!
60cm fits older boys, teenagers and adults.

3-6m (to 44cm)
6-12m (to 48cm)
1yr-3yrs (to 52cm)
3yrs-10yrs (to 56cm)
8yrs - adult(to 60cm)
navy (UV 80)
slate green (UV 80)
blue-grey (UV80)
olive (UV80)
red (UV 80)

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