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Trautwein is an experienced German master tannery. We chose to stock their sheepskins as we were impressed with the care they take into making them and the resulting quality.

Trautwein only use natural tanning ingredients, and the waste water is treated in their very own sewage treatment plant before rejoining the local sewage system

So when you feel one of their sheepskins, not only do you feel softness and quality, you also hold in you hands the result of expert craftmanship. What a treat!

Keeps your little one comfortable in the pushchair and car seat - naturally. Manufactured according to the strictest ecological guidelines, this Trautwein sheepskin for the buggy and car seat is made from a patchwork, which brings the price down without affecting performance. Cosy and warming in Winter, and prevents stickiness in Summer.
  • chrome-free!
  • about 35cm x 80cm
  • 8 pre-cut slits for harness straps
  • fits nearly all car seats, pushchairs, prams and strollers too
  • always check the manufacturer's guidance regarding inserts
90 to 110cm
5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
These are great sheepskins if you want the best of both worlds: springiness to support a sleepy head and softness for cuddling and comfort. Medical grade, completely safe on the skin.
  • temperature-regulating and breathable
  • artisan-made using a chrome-free and ecologically-sound tanning process
  • naturally self-cleaning and long-lasting
  • washable

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