Women\'s Pyjamas in Soft Organic Cotton

Women's Pyjamas in Soft Organic Cotton


"Wonderful pyjamas -really beautiful and nicely made. I bought two pairs and rotate them each week. The only fault I have to find with them, and I am sad to find a fault as I really want to support ethical and sustainable clothing, is that both pyjamas developed holes in the fabric (on both of the tops and both of the bottoms) within only a month or two of purchase. I feel that is a little early for them to break. I wash them at 30 on a delicate cycle and carefully line dry them, so I do not feel it can be put down to careless washing. The hopes are both around the seams and also in the middle of the fabric leading me to think that the fabric is too weak rather than that the construction is faulty. I continue to use them and will attempt to mend the holes to get more wear out of them as I do not have a huge budget for buying clothes and so want these to last. I am a little disappointed that these developed holes so quickly. I had hoped that buy spending a bit more and getting them from a small company I would be more likely to get a quality product. However, my previous pair of pyjamas cam from Primark, were less than £5 and lasted more than 10 years without showing signs of wear...so I am a bit disappointed. I don’t want to buy from unethical companies like Primark, I want to support sustainable companies, but I do ask myself if it is not maybe more sustainable to buy non-organic cotton clothing if it lasts so much longer...I’ve still not really made up my mind. The wool vest I bought (also from this website but made by a different manufacturer to the pyjamas) is the absolute best quality I’ve ever owned! Fantastic product and I will be buying that again. So I’m not completely decided against buying from here again -I will give it another try, it maybe I will be more careful and check which manufacturer the product is made by. On a totally separate note -it would be great if the website was optimised for phone and tablets."

This was washed... washed fine

This was worn by... Me

Sizing: Feels true to size

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

Lorna C, Manchester 27/06/2019

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