All-silk Babygrow

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  • All-silk Babygrow
  • All-silk Babygrow
  • All-silk Babygrow

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All-silk Babygrow

by Alkena Silk

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Great for newborns and for sleeping! A soft, warm babygrow in organic bourette silk. Poppers to the front continue along inside right leg for easy nappy changing. Bourette silk has a natural, earthy, slightly knobbly texture in contrast to filament silk. This gives it good warmth for its very light weight and it is still soft on the skin.
  • 100% certified organic Bourette silk, with nickel-free poppers
  • gentle and healthy for sensitive skin
  • cool in summer and warm in winter as silk is insulating and breathable
Can be worn as an all-in-one under layer or simply on its own! SizingWe have translated from the continental sizing into British sizing as follows. Please give us your sizing feedback.
  • 56/62: 0-3m
  • 68cm: 3-6m
  • 74cm: 6-12m (size up for long babies)
  • 86cm: 12-18m
  • 92cm: 18-24m plus
It may help to know that the average UK 2-year-old is 86cm.
0-3m (56/62cm)
3-6m (68cm)
6-12m (80cm)
12-18m (86cm)
18-24m (92cm)
3-4 yrs (98cm)

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