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Clothes that work well when your baby is in the sling - soft, flexible clothing that doesn't ride up and leave gaps and is still comfortable when happily squashed...
Soft and delicate on the sensitive skin around your baby's neck. No poppers or velcro to irritate the skin, simply tie off at the back. The double layer organic cotton muslin is perfect for keeping the chill out around the neckline and its absorbency makes it great for soaking up dribbles.
  • 100% GOTS certified organic
  • organic cotton muslin
  • wear indoors or outdoors for a layer of warmth around the neck
5 of 5 Stars! from 1 Reviews
Swaddle your baby in Konges Sløjd's amazing raw organic nature muslin swaddle. Wonderfully soft, it provides your baby with just the right amount of comfort.
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • 120cm x 120cm
0 to 24m
5 of 5 Stars! from 5 Reviews
These boiled wool booties are fully lined for extra warmth - offering extra softness for the most sensitive skins. Ideal for babywearing and cold winter days. While they don't offer foot support and will wear through eventually when used on hard floors, they remain firm favourites amongst our customers.
  • breathable warmth and protection for feet, ankles & calves
  • boiled Merino wool outer and cotton lining - both 100% GOTS-certified organic!
  • fully adjustable velcro straps for a great fit
Cover the gap between trouser and sock with these organic Merino wool fleece baby and toddler legwarmers. The knitted fold-over cuff at the bottom is a clever touch, ideal for extra warmth when travelling! They are just the ticket.
  • 100% IVN-certified organic wool
  • ideal when your baby is in a sling or out in the cold.
  • knitted fold over cuffs at the bottom for adjustable length.
3-6m to adult
4.91 of 5 Stars! from 11 Reviews
A good quality, stylish and simply adorable winter hat. It fits closely to the head and covers the ears. The outer boiled wool layer is natural and breathable. The organic polar fleece cotton lining is unbelievably soft!
  • 100% GOTS-certified organic wool hat that keeps ears warm
  • 100% soft organic cotton fleece lining - soft and kind to even the most sensitive of skins
  • breathable and chemical-free
  • cotton tie around the chin ensures that it stays on!
5 of 5 Stars! from 4 Reviews
Now end-of-line!
The classic Cambridge Baby hat made from felted Merino wool - "boiled wool" - warm and sturdy for winter wear. Well designed, it comes down well over the ears to protect them, and tie underneath the chin to stay on.
  • protects the ears and ties on under the chin
  • organic Merino wool, organic cotton lining to cover the forehead, ears and back of the head
  • AZO-free, heavy-metal free dyes
3m to 3yrs
5 of 5 Stars! from 3 Reviews
This stripy children's hat is gorgeous-looking, soft inside and practical with its under-arm ties. A favourite one for boys and girls, from babies to age 7!
  • 100% organic wool with 100% organic cotton fleece lining
  • super soft fleece lining
  • under-arm ties mean if your child takes the hat off it safely hangs like a hood and doesn't get lost
4.73 of 5 Stars! from 26 Reviews
Sturdy boiled wool fleece booties with grippy soles and very solid Velcro fastenings - they really stay on! Great for young babies and crawlers. For toddlers, great in the home as they grip on wooden floors and tiles! However Disana advise that they don't offer foot support and will wear through eventually when used on hard floors.
  • warm, breathable booties with a grippy sole
  • 100% boiled Merino wool
  • velcro fastening
1 to 10yrs
4.29 of 5 Stars! from 7 Reviews
Combining simplicity with style, this organic merino wool jumper has a lightweight knit and a natural fit to work with the body. Very much a good quality wool layer for everyday that your child will feel and look good in.
  • naturally warm 100% organic Merino wool, GOTS certified.
  • with cuffs and round neck
  • great for layering and adding warmth without bulk.
0 to 12m
4.75 of 5 Stars! from 4 Reviews
Knitted in soft, organic Merino wool in gorgeous mixed colours. Only natural fibres, so you know that your baby's getting the best for his or her skin and body. The quality of the craftsmanship on these jumpers is really high. Wonderful!
  • an envelope neck for easy dressing
  • 100% pure GOTS certified organic Merino wool
  • knitted and finished in the EU
0 to 10yrs
4.73 of 5 Stars! from 63 Reviews
These knitted Merino wool trousers are ideal for young babies and busy toddlers, and for keeping children's longer legs warm too.
  • soft very flexible - lets your little one move freely
  • 100% organic Merino wool
  • gentle around the tummy with the nurturing warmth of wool
  • Note: sizing recommendations have been adjusted for a better fit. See sizing tab for details
"Wonderful, easy trousers - we use them constantly throughout the year and my children think they're fab." Nick Meanley, owner. ...
EU 17 to 34
5 of 5 Stars! from 2 Reviews
Highest quality organic wool socks for babies, children and adults. These thicker-knit socks are perfect for boots, and are the softest we have found so ideal for delicate skin. Though they're thick-knit, they are slightly slimmer than our Basic Thick Knit Socks, and are much softer.
  • 100% organic wool for natural health
  • comfortable, breathable warmth for the skin
  • hand-stitched toes - so they are seamless inside for comfort
EU 18 to 2
4.16 of 5 Stars! from 31 Reviews
Our best selling non-slip socks are now in a medium-thick knit so can also be worn inside wellies and boots. Children love these socks - and so do adults with very small feet!
  • 100% soft and breathable Merino wool socks
  • phthalate-free rubber grips
  • perfect for slipper Houdinis!
0 to 24m
5 of 5 Stars! from 34 Reviews
This soft snugglesuit will keep your little one cosy and warm, whatever the weather. The hood fits well. The cuffs can be folded over at the arms and at the ankles too - so it can grow as your baby grows. Ideal for multi-season comfort.
  • 100% soft, petrochemical-free, organic Merino wool
  • roomy, to fit over other clothes and cloth nappies
  • naturally resistant to water and dirt!
  • breathable and natural temperature-regulating
  • wooden buttons to front and cuffs at ankles and feet
Sizing is very generous. Please see sizing tab before ordering. ...
0 to 18m
5 of 5 Stars! from 7 Reviews
A simple babygrow for day or night in soft, natural, warm and breathable wool and silk. An everyday must-have for little ones.
  • 70% Merino wool and 30% silk
  • naturally gentle and breathable against the skin
  • nickel-free poppers at each shoulder and at the crotch for easy changing

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