Silk & Wool Blend Baby-body, Long-sleeved

Silk & Wool Blend Baby-body, Long-sleeved


"These bodies make me, my husband and my baby happy. She practically lives in this natural, breathable fabric that keeps her warm as needed and never overheats her. I wash them on cold, "hand wash" cycle on our Bosch washing machine and they are very well preserved despite many washes (I will admit that my husband initially shrunk one on the wrong cycle but we learned from our mistake). I don't mind the stains at all. These serve as a vital underlayer - just pop a jumper or cotton shirt over them and nobody has any idea about the tomato sauce underneath!Of all the clothing we have purchased for her, this has been our best investment."

This was washed... washed fine

This was worn by... My 14 month old daughter, starting at 3 months

I wouldn't really recommend this to a friend.

Andrea L, LONDON 01/10/2014

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