Silk & Wool Blend Baby-body, Long-sleeved

Silk & Wool Blend Baby-body, Long-sleeved


"The product is lovely, soft, non-itchy. My son lived in this for as long as the size lasted. It's quite stretchy as well. i loved the sight of my son in the last life of this top - as his pot belly looked so cute and funny. But I sympathize with the other reviewer about the shrinking issue. I invested several of these and woollen trousers, leggings - the whole medley. One by one, most of them got shrunk mainly because various people put them in the normal wash. It's not really a problem with this particular product, but i have to say that comparing various brands, this one seems to shrink the most. I am not quite sure why because its blended with silk and the other baby body we got (label reads exactly same blends) never seems to shrink at all. if you are confident with hand-washing and training your family members, this is a great innerwear that your baby can live in."

This was washed... my partner shrunk it

This was worn by... 6 month onwards

Sizing: A little small

I'd recommend this to a friend.

Y.J. 06/02/2015

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